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Golf Rules

  1. All golf play shall be governed by the rules of the United States Golf Association, except as modified by the Local Rules of the Club.
  2. All members and guests must register in the golf shop prior to commencing play.
  3. Players may only start at the first tee unless otherwise permitted by the professional staff.
  4. Practice is forbidden on the course, practice areas are provided.
  5. A member must be a part of each group (twosome, threesome, or foursome) on the golf course unless approved by the Golf Professional.
  6. Members shall not drive golf carts to the driving range.
  7. Golf carts are not to be operated by anyone under 16 years of age.
  8. Golf carts must not be operated or parked any closer than 30 feet from the tees or greens except where cart paths are available.  Cart Control Program Cards are placed in carts to assist in proper operation.  This information should be reviewed prior to play.
  9. Pull carts are not permitted on the golf course at any time.
  10. Players having more than one hole’s distance open ahead of them or are searching for a lost ball for more than three minutes, must invite the following players to go through without being asked.  After signaling such players to go through, play may not be resumed until they have passed out of range.
  11. Players must keep up with the preceding group.  As soon as the last player in the group holes, all players must leave the green immediately.  Players should not enter scores for that hole until arriving at the next teeing ground.
  12. Players stopping for lunch or drinks after 9-holes will forfeit their place on the 10th tee if they do not keep pace with the group in front of them.  In this case, they must check in with the Golf Professional staff prior to resuming play.
  13. 5-somes, or more, are not permitted unless authorized by the Golf Professional Staff.